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The Independent Pinto Horse Society Incorporated  invites applications for Pinto Registration, Foundation Pinto or Pintaloosa Registration from horses or ponies in Australia that meet our requirements.

Our Pinto & Pintaloosa registries are color registries - we do not accept solid horses or ponies (refer to Foundation Pinto requirements for solid Pintos) 

Each registry is a separate registry, no registered Foundation Pinto nor registered Pintaloosa is permitted to show in regular Pinto classes, where ever possible classes for Pintaloosa and or Foundation Pintos may be provided if possible - IPHS offers such sections each year with their National Show held in conjunction with the annual National Tour.

The IPHS inc is a performance focused society and encourages members and their IPHS registered horses to participate in their chosen equestrian discipline - from the show ring to the showjumping arena, from dressage to sporting, eventing, barrel racing, pony club etc....  to find out more just click on the 'Annual Awards' tab.


*Please be aware that some states have specific requirements regards Pinto memberships and registrations - participation in some Pinto shows may be restricted to a particular assn/society and some Pinto assns/societies may not recognize another pinto society/assn registration if it does not meet their specifications. IPHS recommends checking the rules for any Pinto Show you may consider attending in case there may be restrictions/exclusions. 

You will find all the information for membership, registration, awards nomination etc on this site by clicking on each tab. Membership is required to register horses with IPHS. Pintos or any iPHS registered horse may only be exhibited by a financial member; either the owner, associate member or another financial member.

We welcome inquiries and are happy to have you email the office at IPHS_pintos@outlook.com

Or you can call us if you would prefer:


President - Sandie Johnson     0448 434 142               

Secretary - Kelly Burgess        0439 408 716


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The IPHS is proud to be working with the Australian Sports Pony Registry and partners to have an Australian wide Pinto, Foundation Pinto and a Pintaloosa section added to the annual National Tour & Breeds Show - this is a first for Pintos in Australia.

For more information please follow this link or contact IPHS.