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Membership and Registration with the Independent Pinto Horse Society inc:

You will need to become a financial member of the Society to register and horse including Pintos, Foundation Pintos or Pintaloosas to enjoy the benefits of membership with our Society.

All membership and registration applications will have to pass committee approval before acceptance.

Membership year commences the first day of January annually and runs to the last day of December annually.

Registered IPHS horses may only be exhibited by a financial member;

either the owner,associate member or another financial member.

Classes of Membership:

Family Membership – being a family residing at the same address that consists of 2 Adults and their children 17 years of age or under.

Adult Membership – single membership for persons 18 years or older

Associate Membership - for persons with interests within the society; either for business or pleasure,

a professional trainer or non IPHS registered horse owners who will be showing for a financial member. 

Junior Membership – for persons 5 years of age up to and including 17 years of age, junior     applications must be signed by a parent or guardian. * Junior members are only permitted to have 2 horses registered in their name, excluding Stallions.

Amateur Owner Membership – youth attaining 18 years of age and adults who have not been

'professional’ for a period of no less than 3 years.  To apply for Amateur Owner status you must hold an

Adult Membership. Amateur owner applications are found on the Amateur Owner /Awards Nomination form.

See IPHS Rules & Regulations for full descriptions

*Please be aware that some states have specific requirements regards Pinto memberships and registrations - participation in some Pinto shows may be restricted to a particular assn/society and some Pinto assns/societies may not recognize another pinto society/assn registration if it does not meet their specifications. IPHS recommends checking the rules for any Pinto Show you may consider attending in case there may be restrictions/exclusions. 

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