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enjoying your IPHS registered horse 

Our Objectives:

  • To promote our IPHS registered horses including the Pinto, Pintaloosa or Foundation Pinto in all categories of Showing, Performance and other Equine Competition.

  • To unite people interested in the Pinto, Pintaloosa and Foundation Pinto and assist members in obtaining maximum enjoyment and benefit from owning their IPHS registered horse.

  • To keep a register of all eligible animals.

  • To formulate regulations for the control of the Society.

  • To promote and encourage the use of the IPHS registered horse including the Pinto, Pintaloosa  or Foundation Pinto by supporting classes for registered horses at shows and all possible equestrian sports/events/activities.

  • To conduct a show or shows run by the Society for the members whenever possible.

  • To encourage members who enjoy competing with their IPHS registered horse in a wide variety of equestrian events by providing a system of points to attain recognition of achievement (Register of Merit) and awards for IPHS registered horses across a wide range of categories in which they may participate, including:

Pinto or Pintaloosa or Foundation Pinto specific classes – Halter, Ridden and Performance, 

Open Show Competitions which you may compete in with your IPHS registered horses for Led, Ridden and Performance events,

Barrel Racing events; Sporting events; Western Performance events; In hand Performance; 

Showjumping; Eventing; Dressage; Pony Club or Active Riding Group; Endurance; Campdrafting; Cutting; Reining; Harness etc.



IPHS wishes to encourage members who enjoy participating with their registered horses and ponies in a wide variety of equestrian events by providing a system of points to attain awards and recognition of achievement

The IPHS Annual Awards system is easy: you  just need go to the 'Forms' tab on the menu and locate the Awards Nominations section.

You can nominate your Pinto, Pintaloosa or Foundation Pinto – this will cover all categories you may be competing in, just send in your results form from each event you competed in and the Point Score Officer will do the rest.

If you want to be eligible for ‘Amateur Owner’ awards you will need to fill in the ‘Amateur Owner' form, you will then be endorsed as an A/O and can lodge results.    

Junior members who wish to have results recorded for ‘Youth’ events will need the ‘Youth’ form filled out.

You will also need to apply for an Official ‘Competition Results Lodgement’ Form, this form is for sending in your results from each event, competition or show that you attend.

Of course it is wonderful to see our IPHS registered horses sending in their results with placings in the top 3 or top 6 but we also want to know that you got out there, had a go but weren't in the ribbon line up - this is where we offer something a little bit different. 

At IPHS our desire is to encourage all members who enjoy participating with their IPHS registered horses at any given sport, competition or event so after you have nominated for annual awards we want to receive your Official ‘Competition Results Lodgement’ forms regardless of placings achieved.

Filling in the ‘Place Awarded’ section of the results sheet:

If you achieve a place in a class or event please enter that placing ie: 1st, 4th etc depending on the placings awarded for that event.

IF YOU DID NOT PLACE but completed the class or event we ask that you print ‘DNP’ (did not place) in the ‘Place Awarded’ section, and get your sheet signed and submitted just as you would had you placed.

You may end up sending in results with for example a 2nd place, a DNP, a 4th place etc, or you may have attended and competed in an event and did not place - we still need to know that you have been out competing with your horse even if you only record DNP on your sheet.

We understand that many of us, including children go to sports days, shows, dressage or jumping days and other events with our horses and ponies but don't come home with a ribbon so IPHS wants to be able to recognize and reward your efforts by awarding Encouragement & Achievement awards.

The IPHS Awards program commences on the first day of January and ends on the last day of December annually. Results received from members who have nominated for the year will be tallied by the Point Score Officer and awards will be announced and presented at the following IPHS AGM.






Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
Our Annual Awards and ROM's are not just for showing
it's always fun to own a horse registered with IPHS  
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