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OUR STANDARD of excellence

Each horse is to be free from hereditary defects.

Correct, functional conformation should be evident, reflecting good type and breeding.

There should be no sign of coarseness or commonness.

The horse must have a well-proportioned body and be correct structurally to produce a comfortable and pleasurable ridden type.

Movement - must be able to perform a walk, trot and canter, exhibiting a smooth straight following action, tracking up in all paces, should not trot wide behind or pace/amble.


Stallions should be well developed and exhibit desirable attributes to pass to progeny.
Mares should be more refined, but show the correct characteristics suitable to type

  • Head - alert and intelligent with broad forehead, proportionate with the body, eyes should be well set to the sides of the head, teeth to meet evenly, no conformation defect to be exhibited.

  • Neck – Should be in proportion to the body, well set with a fine, clean gullet, a good length of rein and well set into the shoulder.

  • Body – Sloping shoulder, not too heavily muscled, a well-defined wither slightly higher than the croup. Deep chest, not too wide in proportion, but showing plenty of heart room. Ribs well sprung and of medium length in proportion. Should have a well-rounded rump, with a natural curve in the back, the loins should be proportionate also. The entire body should present as a picture of balance appropriate to the horse.

  • Legs – In forelegs, forearms well developed, cannon bones slightly flat, pasterns short and slightly sloping. Hindquarters strong, rounded and well-muscled, nicely sloping to give a full line from croup to hock. Legs should be set squarely and display correct conformation. The Hooves in proportion to the size of the horse, with a wide heel and feet straight.

  • The whole of these component parts to be in balance according to the size.


Ponies: As above, displaying a smaller, sound, well balanced horse, possessing the conformation characteristics desirable of most breeds. If there were no size reference, ponies should give the illusion of being a full sized horse.

Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society

Conformation or Hereditary Faults:

Unaceptable faults include:

  • Cryptorchidism - the absence of one or both testes from the scrotum or Monorchidism - having only one testicle within the scrotum.

  • Parrot Mouth (overshot jaw) Undershot Jaw

  • Polydactylism (Cloven hoof) Post Hocks/Legs, Sickle Hock, Cow Hock


Horses displaying a profound conformation defect (not listed above) that affects the integrity of the association’s standards can be declined for registration or may be deregistered.


Examples of poor leg conformation including ‘post hocks/legs’, sickle hocks and cow hocks

Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
Independent Pinto Horse Society
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