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A Pintaloosa shall be defined as a horse or pony which exhibits a combination of Pinto and Appaloosa markings.

Membership with the IPHS is required to register your Pintaloosa - please see our membership page for membership details.

The IPHS Pintaloosa registry is not a breed registry - we offer a colour registry for horses and ponies displaying both Pinto and Appaloosa patterning (rendering them ineligible for Pinto registry)

Pintaloosas will not be permitted to enter Pinto classes.

Pintaloosa horses and ponies must be of good type, exhibit sound conformation, attractiveness, show good quality of breeding, be of sound of limb and body, show a well proportioned body and produce a comfortable, pleasurable ride if ridden.

Pintaloosas registered with the IPHS are eligible to nominate for Annual Awards - see Annual Awards

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