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membership & registration 







   (from 1 January to 31 December annually)    

Adult, Family, Associate

Single Junior Membership

Membership Renewal

Amateur Owner Card - annual


Registration Application

Foal Recording

Foundation Registration Application

Pedigree Stat Dec

Stud Prefix Application

Stud Prefix Transfer

                                    Upgrade - Stallion  (upgrade from Foal Recording)

                                Upgrade - Mare  (upgrade from Foal Recording)

                                    Upgrade - Gelding  (upgrade from Foal Recording)

Notice of Gelding

                                                                       Certificate of Health (Vet Cert) (Vet cert. must be supplied with Stallion registration)

IPHS Stallion Service Certificate

Stallion Return

Lease Notification 

Transfer of Ownership 

                                        Horse Name/Details Change Application  (to change name, height etc)

Replacement Certificate

Notice of Sale or Death

Annual Awards:

Horse Awards Nomination

Youth Awards Nomination

                                             Amateur Owner Awards Nomination    (See memberships for A/O card)

                                                IPHS Results Record Book  (see work order form to purchase)

Members Proxy Voting Forms:

General Meeting Proxy form

AGM Proxy form

   Westpac: BSB: 034630   A/C:  318131


   Please send payment with all applications forms etc to avoid processing delays. 

   Payments received will be considered pending until approved and finalized.





STALLION & COLT OWNERS - only $65 registration fee per stallion/colt 
NEW members will be able to register their 1st horse or pony at HALF PRICE                                                    
any financial member WHO owns a Pinto or Pintos already registered with another Pinto assn/society may register each Pinto with IPHS at HALF PRICE provided a copy of the existing registration is sent(and applicant meets IPHS requirements)

** For any 1/2 price registration offer - please pay half the regular fee listed on the work order form 

You will need to become a financial member of the Society to register Pintos (including Foundation Pintos) & Pintaloosas to enjoy the benefits of membership with the IPHS inc. Registered IPHS horses may only be exhibited by a financial member; either the owner, associate member or another financial member.

All membership and registration applications will have to pass committee approval before acceptance. Incomplete or incorrect  applications and forms will not be accepted.


PLEASE check the requirements for photos BEFORE sending

Poor quality photos cannot be accepted, photos with parts of your horse missing will not be accepted, photos taken at incorrect angles will not be accepted

Registration photos may be sent via email with your application forms etc OR you may send printed photos via post, however they must be quality printed photos

(photos sent on A4 paper are not acceptable)

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our requirements for membership and registration before submitting applications

*Be aware that some states have specific requirements regards Pinto memberships and registrations - participation in some Pinto shows may be restricted to a particular assn/society and some Pinto assns/societies may not recognize another pinto society/assn registration if it does not meet their specifications. IPHS recommends checking the rules for any Pinto Show you may consider attending in case there may be restrictions/exclusions. 

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