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notification link for iphs members

IPHS members - please use this form to notify the IPHS Office of change of address, change of email address, phone number or other contact details. 

Please use this form to notify of a sale of your registered horse or pony - supply name & registration number and any other relevant information.

The seller must supply the new owner with the registration certificate and a Transfer of Ownership Form. The new owner will need to send the ownership transfer form, membership application (if not already a member) 4 new photos and return the original registration certificate before a new certificate can be issued to the new owner.

Please use this form to notify the office of the death of any registered stock. Please return the registration certificate to the office.

Please use this form to notify the IPHS office of any other relevant matter - the office will receive an email with your notification, this will assist us in keeping our records current.

Thanks! Message sent.

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